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What you need to know to choose the right flooring for your demanding industry.

Don't hire a flooring contractor before asking these 16 questions.

The world's largest cannabis dispensary manufactures more than 500 cannabis-based products, from health supplements to candy and beverages.

Now that you've decided to make industrial tile the star of your facility's floor, it's time to cast the supporting roles. First up: choosing the right grout.

The right environment will make your customers confident in your work and your techs proud of their workplace.

Industrial buildings are expensive. To protect your investment, choose durable building materials that can handle the wear and tear of your business without failing.

Tile floors perform differently depending their type. Before installing them in your facility, make sure you've chosen the right tile for your environment.

Typically, conversations about waterproof flooring begin with the assumption that liquid is spilling onto the surface of the floor. But if your industrial facility is near a waterway, coast, or underground aquifer, your moisture problems may be coming up from underneath.

Few industrial environments are more demanding than the factory floor. Manufacturers who build their facility with the wrong products find themselves in an endless and expensive cycle of replacement and repair as their processes hammer away at their building.

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