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How do I know how much grip my business' nonslip floor needs?

When choosing vitrified flooring for your business, a key concern is the safety of the people who will be walking on it.

“Nonslip flooring” is flooring with a raised texture to provide a level of slip resistance. The smoother the floor, the more slippery it will be.

Your first thought might be, “I...

Slip prevention often starts with dry floors. But in some industries, like auto detailing and beverage production, wet floors just go with the territory. So what can companies do?

Most recommendations for preventing slip-and-fall accidents begin with the advice, “Keep floors dry.” But in some industries – like car washes, breweries and meat packers – a wet floor is simply a fact of life. So how can employers keep their workers safe?

A real problem

According to the...

The more successful a brewery is, the more likely it is to have vitrified flooring.

That’s the takeaway from the Brewers Association’s recently released list of the Top 50 craft brewing companies in the U.S. Forty percent of the Top 50 breweries have Argelith brewery floors; the number rises to 56...

Putting a craft brewery in an historic building comes with some tough construction challenges, especially when it comes to the floor.

Hopewell Brewing Co.’s signature bright, inviting beers are brewed in the back of an historical building in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

When choosing their brewery floor, Hopewell’s founders had some unique restrictions. The space for their brewing equipment is tight, so there was no room...

Tile floors perform differently depending their type. Before installing them in your facility, make sure you've chosen the right tile for your environment.

There are many kinds of tile, all with their own unique properties. Even “ceramic tile” is not a catch-all term – differences in manufacturing processes create stark differences between the glazed ceramic tile you may have in your home and the fully vitrified porcelain and red clinker tile made by...

Your auto shop floor is subjected to a lot of abuse. Save yourself time, money and headaches down the road by installing a shop floor with high durability and low maintenance.

Building and outfitting an auto repair shop is a major endeavor. The right auto shop flooring can make a big impact on safety, efficiency and the bottom line.

Slip Resistance

An auto shop floor can be a slip-and-fall accident waiting to happen. The floor undergoes daily exposure to oil, grease and...

Argelith Ceramic Tiles is proud to be a part of the new student brewery operation at Colorado State University.

In September 2018, the fermentation science and technology program at Colorado State University began brewing its first student-made batch of craft beer in the Ramskeller Brewery. The on-campus beer fermentation laboratory has a 264-gallon brewing system donated by Molson Coors – the largest housed...

Many common foods have corrosive properties. Over time, they can eat through equipment, lines – and your facility’s floor.

Corroded floors are a serious matter in food production. Once their surface is compromised, concrete and wood floors can harbor mold and bacteria deep inside. Contaminated...