Your Argelith floor can last for decades with a little easy maintenance. Start with quality installation. Keep your floor looking sharp with regular cleaning.


The best products in the world can't perform if they've been applied wrong. When you choose a high-quality industrial floor like Argelith, choose a high-quality flooring contractor to install it.

Argelith tiles can be laid using either the vibration or thinset method. An experienced contractor can lay the tiles for a virtually seamless finish. If needed, your account manager can recommend installers who have successfully laid Argelith tiles in facilities like yours.


thinset installation of vitrified tiles

In thinset installation, ceramic tile bonds directly to the substrate. Because of this, any imperfections or movement in the slab can affect the tile.

Thinset is the faster and more common installation method. Floors may be cured within 48 hours. You will find a wide pool of installers experienced with thinset.

Thinset is ideal for renovation projects. The floor can be laid over existing concrete and there is no need to build ramps or to adjust doors or drains.

Thinset Advantages

• Wider selection of experienced installers

• Wider selection of setting materials

• No risk of mortar bed failure

• Typically lower material costs (provided concrete is prepped)

• No need to build entry ramps or to adjust doors or trench drains

• Less cure time

Vibration installation

installing vitrified tiles with a tile vibration machine

Vibration installation is also called mortar bed installation. In this method, a mortar bed is laid over the substrate. A vibration roller presses the ceramic tile into the leveled mortar.

The vibration settles the tiles evenly and forces mortar up into the grout joints. When grout is applied, it bonds directly to the mortar bed.

The mortar bed reinforces and protects the substrate. It stops imperfections or movement in the slab from affecting the tile. Installation can take place on fresh concrete, making this ideal for new construction.

Vibration installation makes it easy to perfect the slopes to trench drains. This method often results in the most even floors and the narrowest grout joints.

Vibration Advantages

• Can be installed over fresh concrete

• Movement in the concrete slab doesn't affect tile

• Protects and reinforces concrete slab

• Perfect slopes to drains

• 100% adhesive coverage

• Smooth transitions to adjacent floors

• Grout joins with mud bed for added strength

Cleaning Industrial Tiles

cleaning vitrified tiles

Argelith's heavy duty tiles are stain resistant and easy to clean. The unique finish baked onto our fully vitrified tiles contributes to their cleanability. Here are steps you can take to keep your tile looking like new.

The following information is for guidance only; your needs may vary. Talk to your account manager about the unique needs of your facility.

Spot Cleaning

Spills can be spot cleaned with a mop and bucket, though these are not the best tools for whole-floor cleaning. In wet areas, spills can be washed to the drain with a hose.

The Right Tools

Mops and buckets are not recommended outside of spot cleaning. Use a floor scrubber and hot water for regular cleaning. The machine can remove residue a mop may leave behind.

For best results, equip your machine with scrubbing pads, not brushes. Use an industrial cleaner formulated for the type of soil your floors encounter. Dilute the cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the hottest water possible.

Argelith vitrified tiles are temperature resistant and can be steam cleaned.

Hard-to-Remove Marks

Often, hard-to-remove marks are caused by soap residue. When you wash your floor, even using a vacuum squeegee, some moisture is left behind. As the floor dries the water evaporates, leaving behind a thin film of soap that attracts and holds dirt.

If dirty spots remain after you clean the floor, try making several passes with only hot water in your machine. This should break up any soap that has dried to the floor.

To prevent new marks, make two passes with the scrubbing machine every time you clean the floor. On the first pass, use the cleaning solution to remove soil from the floor. On the second pass, use hot water only to thoroughly rinse the floor.


• Talk to your account manager about your slip resistance needs. Tiles with a lower slip resistance are easier to clean. Your account manager can help you choose an easy-to-clean surface with enough slip resistance to keep people safe.

• Do not use more or less than the recommended amount of detergent. Too little soap will fail to get the floor truly clean while too much will leave a sticky residue.

• Use scrubbing pads, not brushes.

• Always use the hottest water possible.

• Thoroughly rinse the floor after using a cleaning solution.

• Keep your scrubbing machine properly maintained. We recommend a weekly maintenance check in which the machine is rinsed out and pads are checked for wear.

Download Argelith's cleaning instructions as a PDF.