Case Study: Planet 13 Cannabis Dispensary and Manufacturer

The world's largest cannabis dispensary manufactures more than 500 cannabis-based products, from health supplements to candy and beverages.

Planet 13 built the world's largest cannabis dispensary in 2018. The facility has manufacturing and packaging lines for edible, health, and recreational cannabis.

Designers needed flooring that could handle the challenges of Planet 13's wide product range. The company carries more than 500 cannabis-based products, including CBD oils and extracts; health and beauty products like vitamins, supplements, and lotions; and foods and beverages such as gummy candy, chocolate, fruit snacks, honey, tea, cookies, beverages, soft drinks, beer, spirits, hard and soft candies, and bakery treats.

Hygienic Requirements

Like all manufacturers of consumable products, Planet 13 is subject to hygiene standards set by the USDA and FDA. The facility and equipment go through many sterilization processes every day. To avoid lost time and efficiency, the floor has to be inherently sterile and easy to clean.


Planet 13’s floor must accommodate the demanding environment of its production areas:

· Rapid swings in temperature and humidity

· Prolonged exposure to boiling water

· Heavy water exposure

· Heavy equipment with a variety of movement

· Prolonged exposure to caustic cleaning chemicals

Aesthetic Requirements

From the beginning, Planet 13 knew the world’s largest dispensary – in Las Vegas, no less – would be a showplace.

The rooms where edibles are made include large viewing windows. While function was the main concern, designers also wanted public-facing areas to look outstanding.

The Solution

Planet 13 used Hexalith hexagon-shaped tile from Argelith throughout its facility. Walls and areas around floor drains were tiled with rectangular Argelith tiles.

Plant Hygiene: Microorganisms can't grow in Argelith's HACCP-certified hygienic tile. Frequent sterilization of the heat- and chemical-resistant floor is quick and easy.

“Being able to sterilize and clean the floor then simply mop the solution into the floor drains has been a large time saver throughout our production process,” Vice President of Production Stephen Markle said.

Temperature: Argelith tile stays stable under hot equipment, even commercial ovens. Boiling water used to flush production lines can be released directly onto the heat-resistant floor.

Water Exposure: Beverage production, in particular, generates a lot of wastewater. Draining equipment onto water-resistant Hexalith is worry free. Water does not puddle or channel as it flows smoothly to drains.

Mechanical Loads: Hexalith can bear several tons of weight per square foot. It has no problem distributing the weight of Planet 13's 1,000-gallon reverse osmosis system. The tile disperses vibrations from heavy machines before the movement reaches the slab.

Chemical Resistance: Planet 13 works with many potentially corrosive ingredients. It also cleans its equipment with caustic chemicals. Argelith's chemical-resistant tile does not react to any of these substances.

Aesthetics: Visitors admire the sleek, modern lines of Planet 13's floors. The easy-to-clean tile’s resistance to stains, fading, cracking, and wear should give it lasting appeal.

Customer Service

Argelith was a responsive and knowledgeable partner as Planet 13 built out the dispensary.

“Argelith was extremely responsive to my information requests. They provided me a quote and shipped our chosen tile faster than I expected without an issue,” Markle said. “I have recommended Argelith tiles to other businesses, and I will continue to do so.”

Planet 13 Cannabis Dispensary