4 of the 5 Most Successful Breweries in the US Have These Floors

Argelith's brewery customers rank high in sales volume.

Four of the top five brewers in the nation brew on Argelith floors, the gold standard for tough, durable brewery flooring.

According to the Brewer’s Association’s Top 50 Brewing Companies by Sales Volume, the four brewers who sold the most beer in the U.S. in 2019 were Anheuser-Busch, MolsonCoors, Constellation, and Heineken USA. All four companies use Argelith’s fully vitrified tiles in their breweries.

The more beer a company sells, the more likely it is to brew on tile. Sixty percent of the companies in the Top 30 are Argelith customers, and so are 65 percent of the Top 20.

“Brewing is hard on a floor,” Argelith Ceramic Tiles Inc. President Christian Nierenkoether said. “Argelith tile solves common brewery flooring challenges and outlasts other products on the market. It’s great to see how breweries can succeed when their floors are reliable and they can focus on their business.”

The Brewer’s Association, a trade group representing small and independent craft brewers, releases a separate list for the 50 craft breweries with the most sales. Again, Argelith customers made a strong showing, taking more than half the spots in the Top 30 and 70 percent of the Top 10.

Three of the Top 5 craft brewers – Boston Beer Co., Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and New Belgium Brewing Co. – brew on Argelith floors. Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman says Argelith tile holds up to the rigors of brewing, and he recommends it to others in the industry.

Argelith is favored by brewers for its resilience and durability. Fully vitrified tile by Argelith is nonabsorbent, resists heat and chemicals, is nonslip, and cleans easily. Dense, full-body tiles are difficult to scratch or break. See why companies like Anheuser-Busch and Sierra Nevada choose Argelith tiles.

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Argelith tile provides a strong foundation for New Glarus, which holds the No. 15 spot on the Brewer's Association's Top 50 Craft Brewers list.