Frequently Asked Questions

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How is this tile installed?

Argelith tiles can be laid using either thinset installation or the vibration procedure. Both methods have their advantages. The most important thing is that your industrial flooring is installed by a reputable installer experienced with heavy duty porcelain tiles.

Do I have to use an Argelith-approved installer?

No. Argelith customers are free to hire the flooring contractor of their choice. If you like, we are able to recommend companies who have successfully installed similar projects in the past. Whichever installer you choose, please make sure they have the experience and expertise to install Argelith tiles.

What is the typical grout joint dimension?

Typical grout joints are roughly 1/16”. Our self spacing tiles are designed for a butt-joint installation; grout joints can be pre-sized using the unique "V" shape these butt joints create.

What type of grout should I use?

Argelith tiles are compatible with many kinds of grout. Your grout choice should be based upon the environment. Cementitious grout is an option for environments with lower chemical or water exposure, such as auto shops or factory floors, while epoxy-based grout is recommended for harsh or wet environments such as chemical plants or beverage facilities.

What is the current lead time?

Lead times vary depending on the amount and type of tile ordered and on the factory production schedule. Ask your account manager for the lead time on your specific project.

How do I clean ceramic tile?

Argelith ceramic tile is easy to clean, but it is important to use the right products and procedures to keep your floor looking like new. Refer to our Care for Your Tile page for more information on how to clean your tile. Argelith tile is HACCP-certified hygienic and meets USDA and FDA guidelines for hygiene.

How easy is it to replace chipped or broken tiles?

In the event a tile does break, a qualified contractor can cut out and replace the broken tile without impacting the rest of the floor.

Do you have a showroom or distributor?

No, we sell our tile factory-direct to specific construction projects. Argelith tiles are not available at any retail location or through distributors. You can view our entire selection of sizes, colors and surface finishes online. You can also request a tile sample from your account manager or through this form.