Case Study: Laurel BMW of Westmont

A high-volume auto repair shop needed a durable floor that could take a beating and still look great for customers.

The service department at Laurel BMW in Westmont, Illinois, serves 80-plus vehicles a day, six days a week.

In a high-volume auto repair shop, spilled chemicals and dropped tools are a day-to-day reality. That fact, combined with heavy traffic, meant durable flooring was a top priority.

In 2018, Laurel built a new, larger dealership to accommodate its expanding business. After working on Argelith tile for more than 15 years in another location, the dealership did not hesitate to install Argelith again.

“This was our second project with Argelith, and we have been very happy with both,” service director Jim Mueller said. “The overall look and durability of the tiles is the best. I would highly recommend them to anybody.”

Mueller said he prefers long-lasting ceramic tile to epoxy coatings he worked on in the past.

“Epoxy does not hold up and it always looks worn,” he said.

Laurel’s old dealership was paved with 4x8” brick red clinker tile. The new location received a brighter look with 4x8” tiles in light grey. Zones are marked with 4x8" tiles in anthracite.

The switch from clinker to fully vitrified tile gives the new floor greater resistance to water and chemicals.

Most Important Features

Laurel BMW wanted a nonslip floor that would not absorb water or chemicals. With the light color, stain resistance was important.

The floor had to be hard enough and dense enough to withstand:

  • Heavy weights (including toolboxes, lifts, and tire racks)
  • Heavy traffic
  • Sharp impacts (from dropped tools and heavy parts)
  • Corrosive chemicals (including oils, acids, and caustics)

Mueller said the fully vitrified tiles from Argelith met all the dealership’s needs.

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