Functional Beauty

Vitrified Tile is an Ideal Commercial Flooring

Argelith ceramic tiles were originally developed for industrial use, but their beauty and durability have earned us a foothold in the retail sector. You’ll find Argelith vitrified tiles in grocery stores in 35 states and around the world.

● Tile is durable and won't wear, fade or stain, keeping its attractive appearance to shoppers year after year.

● Argelith floors require no sealant or topcoat and are easy to clean.

● Tiles are slip resistant to keep shoppers safe, even on rainy days.

● Fully vitrified tile does not react to acids, oils or alkalis. Even spills like vinegar or bleach do not leave a stain.

● Small, level grout joints provide a seamless ride under shopping cart wheels.

● Hard, dense surface resists wear and breaking, even under sharp impact.

● Strong enough to support heavy racks and displays, even on small point loads.

Contact us to see if your stores could benefit from an Argelith floor.

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