Hardworking Factory Flooring

Factory Flooring That Can Outlast the Machines Standing On It

Argelith industrial floor tiles are ideal for a manufacturing plant. Whether your facility is wet or dry, hot or cold, or houses a variety of environments, industrial ceramic tile has the ability to meet your flooring challenges.

No more cracked concrete or peeling coatings - invest in a durable solution for your facility.

● Strong, full-body flooring that can support heavy machinery, even on small point loads

● Hard, resilient surface that withstands sharp impacts without breaking

● Found a way to damage a tile? No problem. Repairs can be made invisibly and without affecting the rest of the floor

● Resists stains, fading and corrosion

● Inert natural material does not react to acids, oils or alkalis

● Tile heats and cools slowly and evenly, resisting thermal shock and protecting vulnerable subfloors

Slip resistant to keep workers safe

● Color options, including black-and-yellow safety striping, make it easy to permanently and safely mark factory zones

● Withstands forklift, pallet jack and industrial vehicle traffic, and offers a smooth ride under wheels 

Connect with one of our industrial flooring experts to learn if tile is a good fit for your business.

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