Hygienic Solutions for Food & Beverage

Vitrified tiles are a safe choice for production areas

Hexalith hexagonal tile is the hygienic solution for food and beverage production. Just think:

- Vitrified tiles are temperature resistant. Floors that soften under steam jets and commercial ovens or buckle in cold storage are a thing of the past.

- Vitrified tiles are chemical resistant and don't react to acids, oils or alkalis.

- Ceramic is a naturally hygienic solution, protecting your product from both chemical and organic contamination.

From commercial bakeries like Sara Lee to dairies like Land O'Lakes to seven of the top 10 US breweries, Argelith hexagonal floor tiles are providing a durable hygienic solution.

hygienic solution
hygienic solution
hygienic solution

What Our Customers Say

“I’m a big fan of Argelith tile and have used it in both of my breweries. It’s a great product that holds up to the rigors of brewing, including heavy water exposure and forklift traffic.”

Ken Grossman, Founder
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.