Handling the Demands of Food and Beverage

Strong, hygienic and chemical resistant

The food and beverage industry is held to stricter manufacturing guidelines than almost any other industry. We understand that you have no margin for error and no time to worry about how your floor is holding up.

Hygienic and Chemical Resistant

Ceramic tile is naturally hygienic, offering no place for contaminants to hide. Many common ingredients – including sugar, alcohol and fruit juice – can eat away surface finishes, exposing the porous material beneath. But Argelith tile doesn’t react to acids, oils or alkalis, remaining strong and uniform throughout.


Our special firing process makes our tiles incredibly strong and dense. An Argelith floor resists wear and abrasions, even under heavy rolling traffic like forklifts and pallet jacks. It resists cracks even under heavy equipment and sharp impacts. And it is easy to clean, so it will look just as good years from now as the day you moved in.

Uniquely Suited to Their Environment

Argelith tiles have an absorption rate of less than 0.1%, making them resistant to staining and protecting the concrete slab underneath. They are also thermal shock resistant, able to withstand temperatures from below freezing to above boiling, making them the ideal base for commercial ovens and brewing equipment.

What Our Customers Say

“I’m a big fan of Argelith tile and have used it in both of my breweries. It’s a great product that holds up to the rigors of brewing, including heavy water exposure and forklift traffic.”

Ken Grossman, Founder
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

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