Chemical Resistant Flooring

High Chemical Resistance, Low Absorption

Chemical companies present unique challenges to industrial building materials. Manufacturing processes often involve extreme temperatures, high-pressure steam and heavy loads. The factory floor has to be easy to clean and resist degradation so your products stay safe.

Then there are the products themselves; your factory floor needs to withstand whatever substances might fall on it.

Argelith provides a durable foundation you can rely on:

● Naturally hygienic and inert, ceramic resists microbial growth and does not degrade or emit volatile organic compounds.

● High-density fully vitrified tile does not react to acids, oils, or alkalis, making it safe under both spills and cleaning agents.

● Tile heats and cools slowly and evenly, resisting thermal shock and protecting the subfloor from temperature swings. Safe for steam jet cleaning.

● Tiles are designed to provide even load distribution, so the floor can easily bear the weight of heavy equipment.

● Narrow, flat grout lines and level installation provide a smooth foundation for wheeled traffic.

● Varying levels of slip resistance provide a safe walking surface under challenging environments.

Argelith tile is trusted by chemical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. View our selection of tiles recommended for the chemical industry or contact us to talk about your project.

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