Industrial Tile

Engineered for Demanding Industries

Ceramic tile was the original industrial flooring – natural, durable, and resistant to heat and chemicals. Over the last 150 years, Argelith has continually improved upon our tile, creating a high-performance building material to last generations.



chemical-resistant ceramic tiles in a brewery
vitrified tiles in an automotive workshop
chemical-resistant ceramic brewery flooring
clinker tile

Heavy-duty floors for high-impact use 

Argelith tiles are hard as steel and stronger than concrete. Your tile floor is resistant to sharp impacts, high point loads, machinery vibrations, rolling traffic, scratches, and abrasions.




Goes from freezing to boiling without breaking a sweat 

Thick, dense ceramic tiles heat and cool slowly and evenly, protecting concrete subfloors from rapid temperature swings. Your Argelith tiles are as comfortable in a walk-in freezer as they are under a commercial oven.




Open the floodgates 

Argelith’s fully vitrified tiles have an absorption rate of less than 0.1% - no waterproofing needed. Our classic clinker, which is only partially vitrified, still absorbs only around 2% of moisture, well below industry standards.




Chemical spill? No reaction 

Argelith tiles are inert – that means they don’t react when exposed to chemicals. Acids, oils, or caustic substances – none of them will cause your tiles to stain, fade, or break down.




Keep people on their feet 

No slip-and-fall injuries here. Argelith tiles have a dimpled, orange-peel surface that provides grip while still being easy to clean. Choose from several profiles to tailor the slip resistance to your needs.




Old floors that look like new 

Argelith tiles have an easy-to-clean finish baked into their surface. Regular washdowns with hot water and a scrubbing machine keep them pristine. Get more details from our cleaning recommendations.




Tile is a green building material 

Ceramic is a natural, sustainable material free of fumes, allergens, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). At the end of its very long life, tile doesn’t have to sit in a landfill; it can be crushed into aggregate for future construction projects.



Long Term Investment

Successful businesses keep an eye on the future and look for solutions that will benefit them for decades. Industrial tile flooring offers the greatest year-to-year value over the lifetime of your business’ floor. Once installed, your vitrified tile floor will require no maintenance other than regular cleaning. In the event your floor is damaged, the damaged tiles can be removed and replaced without affecting the rest of the floor.