About our Tile

Engineered for Demanding Industries

A business that’s hard on a floor needs a floor that’s even harder, and Argelith Ceramic Tile is tough enough to perform under the harshest conditions. Our clinker tiles and fully vitrified porcelain tiles exceed industry standards in durability.

  • Impact resistant – When properly installed, an Argelith tile floor is as hard as steel and more resilient than concrete.
  • Heavy load capacity – Even when heavy loads are concentrated on small points, properly installed Argelith tile can support them without buckling.
  • Scratch resistant – Argelith’s resistance to abrasions and deep wear far exceeds recommended standards for industrial floors.
  • Frost resistant – Argelith tiles can handle temperature swings from above boiling to below freezing without buckling.
  • Moisture resistant – No sealant or waterproofing necessary - Argelith fully vitrified stoneware has an absorption rate of less than 0.1%. Argelith classic clinker tile has an absorption rate of 2.01%.
  • Chemical resistant – Argelith tile is naturally inert and unaffected by acids, alkalis or oils.
  • Slip resistant – Keep employees safe, even in wet or oily environments, with varying available levels of slip resistance.
  • Natural material – Ceramic is a natural material free from chemicals, fumes, allergens, dust and toxins.
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Long Term Investment

Successful businesses keep an eye on the future and look for solutions that will benefit them for decades. Industrial ceramic tile offers the greatest year-to-year value over the lifetime of your business’ floor. Once installed, your tile floor will require no maintenance other than regular cleaning. No shutting down your facility for sealing or refinishing. In the event your floor is damaged, the damaged tiles can be removed and replaced without affecting the rest of the floor. Learn more about maintaining your tile floor. 

Proper Installation

When choosing a floor to last the lifetime of your facility, we can’t stress enough the importance of proper installation. Even the best product can fail if it is not installed correctly. Argelith tiles can be installed through either the thinset or vibration method. Whichever method you choose, it is important to use a qualified installer, a strong subfloor, and the right setting and grouting materials. Learn more about installing an Argelith floor.