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Your floor may take a beating, but Argelith is there with heavy duty industrial flooring for high-impact commercial uses. Our vitrified tiles are engineered to withstand challenges that cause other floors to fail, from temperature swings to chemical spills.

Eliminating the middle man, Argelith sells directly to installers and end users, making sure you get the best product for the best price available. We offer pricing on a per-project basis because the cost of shipping is always included.

We didn’t get to be the leading industrial floor tile manufacturer by making a great product and walking away. Your account manager offers you guidance from choosing the right slip resistance to deciding between thinset and vibration installation to cleaning your industrial tile floor. We stand behind our tile, and we want you to be so happy with your flooring that you recommend it to your peers.

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original factory staff manufacturing industrial flooring tiles

Argelith was founded in 1870 in Bad Essen, Germany. Even in our earliest days, we were dedicated to manufacturing heavy duty industrial flooring tiles for businesses hard on a floor. Using a Hoffman kiln, Argelith developed hardened ceramic clinker tile that could hold up under great stress.

Over the decades, Argelith worked relentlessly to improve its product and processes. Continued innovation led to ever stronger and more durable flooring. In 2001, Argelith began producing fully vitrified tiles, the next evolution in industrial floor tiles.

Argelith continues this tradition of innovation today, constantly seeking better ways to make the world’s strongest industrial flooring. Our dedication to continuous improvement has led our German production facility to become one of the most modern industrial tile manufacturing plants in the world.